Young Leaders – Their Time Is Now

Rise Up Magazine

With his dads loaded beretta securely tucked in his coat pocket Karen went to meet with his gang.  Gang life was a necessity.Young Leaders - Their Time is NowYou could only survive with their help if you had no power of your own.  On his way home past the market someone stuck a New Testament in his hand.

Shortly after, Karen got hurt at a judo competition and was ordered two weeks strict bed rest.  There by his bed side was the New Testament and he began to read.  He read Matthew and at the story of the crucifixion he was undone when he read the words of Jesus “forgive them as they know not what they do”.  His prayer was “if you’re real show me”.  He started preaching at his high school and now at the age of twenty nine he has planted thirty churches.  Marina, a young woman aged 30, has planted a vibrant church and is in the middle of a building program as she doubles the size of the house she is using for the meetings.

Nex Gen is coming along side these young leaders to help them train the next groups they are raising up.

There is an urgency as the time is now.  These young adults are not waiting for bible schools and degrees.  They are being trained on the job in the middle of the massive harvest field they find themselves in.

Read more from the November/December 2008 edition of Rise Up Magazine:  Download the PDF.