The Need
To serve young Church Leaders by helping them discover the Churches biblical blueprint.  There are many emerging leaders in parts of the world where the church is exploding in growth. They are serving with little or no training and many of them are leading multiple congregations.   These young leaders need a proven method of church leadership and growth that is cross cultural, accessible and easy to implement.

Nex Gen Strategy
The Blueprint is conference ministry that is based on the book of Acts.  Over three days it takes participants through the book of Acts Chapter by Chapter – Verse by Verse. The Blueprint awakens the commands of Jesus to the Church, showing the forms of outreach that are fruitful, how a church can be organised for effectiveness and how to raise blessed finances. It also awakens the churches mandate to the poor, the churches mandate to the lost, the churches mandate to the sick, the churches mandate to the widows and orphans. It awakens the ability to build teams, vision, and global outreach.  The Blueprint teaches participants how to listen to the voice of Jesus, be lead of the Spirit and how to walk out the ministry bathed in intercessory prayer. The Blueprint Conference fast tracks a proven understanding of the churches call to emerging leaders as well as helping established ministries to reignite lost passion.

What People Are Saying About The Biblical Blueprint for Today’s Church with Dave Hensman and the Nex Gen Team

“Absolute encouragement! Dave Hensman has practically reworded the book of acts into pictures and terms I could grab a hold of and understand.  I will be bold sharing my faith and I am no longer afraid of spiritual darkness.”

Amy Grindall

“Dave’s teaching has been incredibly challenging to me.  I will walk more disciplined and be more diligent in my study the word.”

Pierre Robinson

“Great knowledge has been shared with us.  This Chapter-by-Chapter ‘Blueprint’ is great.”

Bryan Moffat

“Dave’s teaching is great.  I’ve been challenged with much personal application.  The Blueprint is amazing.  I have been given a greater heart for the lost inside and outside the church.”

Joshua Benziger

“Dave’s clear presentation, humorous experiences have been so helpful in understanding the challenges of ministry.”

Jitlyi Kim

“Dave totally kept my attention with his animated and energetic teaching style.  I have been challenged.  I wish this course were longer as there’s so much more to talk about.”

Maria Karojinnis

“I couldn’t change anything about The Blueprint to make this course better.  I have seen what I have never seen before.  I will not give up when things get hard.”

David Wise

“God has really spoken to me how my effectiveness has been limited by a lack of time spent in the Word and Prayer.  The Blueprint has been straightforward; the application has been a positive challenge.”

Dustin Simmonds

“Dave Hensman has excellently blended textual stories, doctrine and personal experience as well as application for today.  I have a lot to apply to my life and ministry.  Mentoring is so important.”

Jason Schroeder

“Dave is an excellence teacher because of the authority he has when he speaks.  He is a man of God that teaches practically and with understanding for today.  I will now teach the bible because there’s power in that.  Dave wants you to walk away with something from The Blueprint that you can always fall back on.”

Jeff Nordstrom

“Dave Hensman has presented knowledge of bold examples that we must follow.  The Blueprint is not boring or too intellectual, but I was intellectually stimulated.  Dave is a great communicator with bold teaching skills.  The Holy Spirit is working in my life.”

Kim Gendron

“Dave Hensman has done an amazing job in bringing us The Blueprint for Today’s Church.  He has made it alive in an easy to follow, entertaining and interactive style.  I have learned valuable lessons.”

Martin Dodd

“The Blueprint is awesome! Follow The Blueprint and your ministry will be forever blessed.”

Bubba Tope

“Definite, Passionate & Honest!  Ministry is hard work and it’s not pretty. The Blueprint moves you out of your comfort zone because it has to.”

Melaney Gleason-Hyall

“Dave’s Knowledge of times and customs in the book of Acts along with his humor keeps your interest and clearly explains the concepts. The Blueprint has been a great help to my life.”

Darcy Trietjen

“The Blueprint was a definite blessing and challenged the status quo.”

Mary Powell

“Dave made the book of Acts come alive for me. He has lived The Blueprint so he makes it easy to understand.”

Annalisa Allinger

“The Blueprint makes you hungry to live out the kingdom adventure, in radical obedience to the call of God.”

Matthew Deblanc

“Dave’s teaching is great! Everyone needs his passion, for Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.”

Thomas Reginer

“The Blueprint is blunt and challenging! It hits you hard, but then it opens your eyes to the exciting vision of the Church.”

Ed Devoe

“Dave doesn’t pull any punches. You get The Blueprint straight up. He helps you relate to the New Testament characters as friends and co-workers in the ministry. I wish The Blueprint was longer.”

Tim Epishock

“The Blueprint is so relevant for ministry today.”

Jordan Alicandro

Ministry Opportunity
We are looking for sponsors or groups of sponsors to financially provide for a Blueprint Conference.  $5000.00 pays for the travel, food, lodging and work book production for three hundred pastors and church leaders. You or a group of friends can be the water that nourishes the seeds for three hundred churches. Contact us now.