Love SomebodyThe Need
Jesus said that they will know you are my disciples if you love one another.  How do you test to see if a discipleship or mentoring ministry is legitimate?  The test is this, does it express love to the poor, the broken the widow and orphan.  At nex gen we know that all the teaching and training we do must be bathed in love.  We as training ministry know more than many that the church worldwide needs leadership education, development and discipleship. As we serve Nex Gen’s emerging leaders we must also bless them and help them reach their cities in love.

The Strategy
To raise money and supplies to assist the church in emerging nations to feed the poor, cloth the naked, care for the widow and orphan, healing the sick miraculously and practically. We build houses, churches and training centres so that the words we speak are translated in the language of Agape Love

Ministry Opportunities
You can give financially, join us on a Humanitarian Love Mission, you can give stuff, labour, ability expertise and love. Contact us today for our next scheduled mission of Love.