Good News FestivalsThe Need
As the global cultural and geographic distances diminish, there is even a greater need for the Body of Christ worldwide to learn from each other and share our common faith.

An evangelistic approach is needed which is both biblically sound and culturally relevant. As the Body of Christ we need to recognize that we all have strengths and we need to share them with each other in order to together fulfill the Great Commission.

Nex Gen Purpose
Good News Festivals seeks to create opportunities for evangelism in assisting local churches make a lasting impact on their particular city by bringing the body of Christ together to share the Good News.

We work through the local churches, taking into consideration local sensitivities and issues. Our intention is NOT to just bring an event from the outside, rather we work in cooperation with local leadership and churches.

Nex Gen Strategy
Good News Festivals are a multifaceted outreach to a city and surrounding towns where the Good News is presented in as many varied settings as possible, such as schools, hospitals, orphanages, businesses, as well as holding various seminars, workshops and dinners for city and church leaders.

The main festival event is then a “Good News Festival” where musical guests and local testimonies reinforce the activities of the week.

In this way local believers are equipped to reach those they know with the Good News and the profile of the local churches in the city is enhanced.

What People Are Saying

2015-04-10-01bThe Good News Festival held in March 2012 was the largest Christian Festival of  its kind in this part of the Counrty since the trageic events of 911.  Solomon Field was filled each night to capicity drawing out Christians and Muslims alike.  Pastor David John Hensman and his team presented the gospel each night and we rejioced to see over 6000 first time decisions for Christ.  As we lit candles and sky lanterns on the last night of the festival we belive the Good News of Jesus Christ will spread all over Pakistan.  We believe the Good News Festivals are a key in bringing the awakening our nation needs.

Pastor Kalid Naz

“Since the Good News Festival held in Tororo, Uganda. Our National Training Centre has continued to witness the positive impact on the city and nation and has enjoyed a raised  level of respect and appreciation for this important Ugandan ministry. Two years after hosting the Good News Festival, people are still talking about it. Recently our  ministry received an invitation to teach a group of pastors in a remote area north of Tororo, Uganda as a direct result of the ‘Good News Festival’. Uganda says thanks for this and the many other opportunities that have come their way as a result of the Good News Festival.”

Dr David Omala

“My first missions trip was a Good News Festival. The festival placed in me a heart for missions and a heart for Christian leadership.  I am now a full time missionary working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).”

Brian F

“I never thought my skills as an electrician could be used of God for evangelism.  As I shared my testimony with over 200 prisioners in the prision where we built a chapel  I was amazed to see over 100 men give their lives to Christ.”

Greg W

Ministry Opportunities
Pray about joining us somewhere overseas on a Festival. Use your practical gifts and talents to bless someone in another culture and together with a team bless a whole city.

Perhaps you cannot attend this year, but would like to support someone who can go on your behalf. You can be a Festival Partner with any gift towards this ministry.

To find out where festivals are being held this year or to host a Festival in your city contact us.