In the New Testament Scriptures those who had placed faith in Jesus Christ and began putting into practice His teachings were called “the followers of the way.” In the beginning this group was seen as nothing more than a faction of Judaism. Over time more and more people embraced the “gospel” (the good news of Jesus Christ), received him as saviour and Lord and then began to follow His way. These people were a humble, thankful yet passionately devoted group who endeavoured to believe Christ teachings and follow His way. These people never placed a title upon themselves so that they could be recognized as good or spiritual or whatever else we associate with the pursuit of Christ as it seems to be viewed in our modern age.

The book of Acts tells us that in the city of Antioch the citizens of the city began to refer to the “followers of the way” as Christians. The term Christian means to be like Christ. This was an unfortunate shift as the first term “followers of the way” was made up of two verbs. The word “follower” is active and not passive and the word “way” speaks to a journey, or a method and or a group of truths and principles. The term “followers of the way” spoke to the passionate activity and pursuit of Christ rather than a passive title of affiliation. The term “Christian” came out of observation albeit well meaning but impossible to apply to all who desire to follow Christ. Being like Christ is a lot different than following Christ. The title Christian (which means like Christ) assumes arrival and completion yet who on earth can make that claim.

Personally, when we are asked are you Christians? We can honestly say that we are on a passionate but very humbling journey. Now after having received the gift of Salvation Jesus offered us, we endeavour to be “Followers of His Way”, the way that Jesus taught. In our pursuit of Jesus we have had more failures than victories, more trials than triumphs and more learning than knowledge. Yet through it all we keep following. We would like one day to be Christians (to be like Jesus) but until then we keep following.

The scriptures say;
“But I admit that I follow the Way, which they call a heresy. I worship the God of our ancestors, and I firmly believe the Jewish law and everything written in the books of prophecy”. The Apostle Paul NLT Acts 24:14

If you are disillusioned and confused about what a Christian is, if you don’t feel like you can even be one, and if your are frustrated about what you see in the “sub-culture called Christian”, maybe its time that you responded to the ancient invitation of Jesus to become a “follower of His way”. We invite you to come and figure out what that is.