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The Need
In order to fulfill the Great Commission, effective, reproducing churches need to be planted around the world. Both evangelism and discipleship are essential components in this equation.

In much of Eastern Europe where much less than 1% of the population would be considered an evangelical believer, our effectiveness at church planting will determine the course of the society and the next generation.

But as one European pastor expressed, “It takes strong, mature leaders to produce healthy, strong churches.” God is raising up a new generation of young leaders with vision, but they need those to come along side of them and disciple them as they plant churches.

Nex Gen Purpose
Church Planters Academy began in Canada as a way to practically coach and disciple church planters as they are planting churches. This model is now being implemented in other countries.

It is designed in such a way that practitioners, those who are church planters, teach and then follow through with prospective church planters.

Nex Gen Strategy
The three year model consists of meeting once a year for one week of training for three consecutive years.

Throughout the year the participants are then involved in a mentoring / discipleship relationship so that they can be coached during the church planting process. As of 2009 over 600 church planters have attended a Church Planters Academy.  Four CPA’s are planned for November 2009 which will bring the total to over 1000.

What People Are Saying

“The CPA is a miracle from God. I thank God for the team as they poured out knowledge in Love. I will use the resources as my new church plant begins next week.”

Church Planter – age 30

“The conference was really helpful to pastors who have recently planted churches as well as those who are established. It gave us encouragement with biblical strategies that are proven.”

Church Planter – age 23

“The CPA has answered many important questions for me. I love the heart of the Nex Gen brothers.”

Church Planter – age 27

“I can’t wait for year two!!”

Church Planter – age 29

Ministry Opportunities
If you are a church planter you could be added to our roster of Academy Presenters and Coaches. To do so, contact us at our e-mail address.

You could become a Friend of the Academy by financially supporting a church planter at one of our International Academies or perhaps you could underwrite the costs of a one-week Academy.

If you would like to host a Church Planters Academy in your city just contact us and we can begin the process.