Our Mission
Nex Gen exists in order to care for the Church by discipling & equipping its leaders, serving the poor and developing innovative outreach ministries.

Our Purpose
Is to care for the Church by equipping its leaders, helping develop and provide instruction in general education, utilizing in-service formats, pioneering and implementing new approaches for in-service theological education such as seminars, conferences, and other training events assisting churches in leadership development, church growth, and missions.  We also seek to assist leaders and churches by serving the poor and reaching communities through innovative and creative outreaches.  We desire to “equip God’s people for works of service.”  Ephesians 4:12

Nex Gen is an interdenominational nonprofit charity registered in Canada.  It also has partnerships with other ministry bases around the world.  It is a faith mission supported by free-will donations of those of like vision.  Nex Gen adheres to the WEF & Lausanne Covenants Statements of Faith and takes an evangelical approach to Scripture.

Rise Up
is the bi-monthly Newsletter of Nex Gen World Leadership.