We live in a time when young leaders are saturated with information.  Often they are filled with vision and passion, yet are crying out for fathers and mentors. They are looking for relationships that will help them discern wisdom from knowledge and instruction from information.  The apostle Paul said, “you have many teachers but few fathers”.  In other words there are many who will dispense information but few who will walk beside you in the journey.

Many leaders are concerned about protecting their vision when what we are called to do is give wings to the vision of the Next Generation. At Nex Gen we only have one goal one vision and that is to help young people reach their kingdom dreams. We only exist to serve the Next Generation of Christian Leaders. As you visit our site we hope that you will be encouraged to step into service opportunities designed to see the youth of the world loved, trained, fathered, blessed and released.

IMG_03971bJoin us, as we serve those God is raising up.  We are presently committed to working with young leaders in Pakistan Ukraine,  Russia, Africa, India, South and North America.  We are open to all fields as the Holy Spirit gives us His direction.

May your visit to our site assist you as you serve this Next Generation.


Dave Hensman

Nex Gen World Leadership